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Of beauty and serenity
A hot spring inn
with overflowing tea

Ureshino Yasohachi aims to be a hot spring inn where you canharmonize your mind and body with tea and hot springs .
Ureshino tea is Ureshino's greatest specialty.
The tea that is prepared and served by the tea farmers themselves every day is
You can fully experience the charm of Ureshino tea.

And Ureshino Onsen, one of Japan's three major hot springs for beautiful skin.
All 36 rooms are equipped with 100% natural hot spring water''.
The large communal bath has a tea aroma Roryu sauna.
You can train your body to your heart's content.
Saga's food, crafts, climate, etc. centered around Ureshino,
As a hot spring inn that takes full advantage of the local value,
We will offer various plans.


The tradition of tea that lives on in Ureshino, Saga

Ureshinocha has a history of hundreds of years and a deep flavor that has been passed down from generation to generation.
In the tea ceremony room in the main building, we hold tea ceremonies where you can enjoy tea in various ways, such as the culture and history of Saga and Ureshino tea, how to brew it, how to taste it, and how to pair it with sweets.

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tea plantation

Yasohachi Ureshino Exclusive Tea Master

Kitano Tea Garden Third Generation Shuichi Kitano (left photo)
Hiroshi Tanaka, third generation of Tanaka Tea Factory (photo right)

We welcome local tea farmers as exclusive tea masters,
We will provide you with the finest tea.

Exclusive tea master


Leading to smooth and beautiful skin, Uruwashinoyu

Ureshino Onsen, Japan's three major hot springs for beautiful skin
Approximately 700 liters of hot water per minute gushes out from two private hot springs, achieving ``100% pure natural hot water''.
It is characterized by its thick and smooth texture.

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Ureshino Onsen


A variety of carefully selected dishes using ingredients from within 88 km of Ureshino

Our head chef spends a year visiting producers himself,
Carefully selected seafood and mountain produce.
Please enjoy to your heart's content our many signature dishes made with carefully selected ingredients.

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horse sashimi sashimi Simmered tofu


Enjoy an elegant moment in a beautiful Japanese space

All 36 guest rooms are equipped with 100% natural hot springs.
There is also a space in the room where you can enjoy several types of tea, so you can relax and enjoy the hot springs and tea.

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