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Image: Ureshino tea


Ureshino tea has a history of hundreds of years and a deep flavor that has been passed down through generations.
In the tea ceremony room in the main building, you can learn about the culture, history, and brewing methods of Saga and Ureshino tea.
We will hold a tea ceremony where you can enjoy tea in various ways, such as how to taste it and pair it with sweets.
We welcome local tea farmers as exclusive tea masters and provide the finest tea.

About Ureshino tea


Image: Ureshino tea

Ureshino, located near Mt. Sefuri in Saga, the birthplace of Japanese tea cultivation, is one of the leading tea producing areas in the country.
Ureshino tea has a long history, and was created by potters who immigrated from China (Ming Dynasty) around 1440 in the mid-15th century.
It is said that the roots of the current Ureshino tea originate from the beginning of tea cultivation for personal use.

Image: Ureshino tea

Surrounded by mountains, Ureshino is an ideal place for growing tea.
In spring, when there is a large difference in temperature between day and night, the tea leaves are covered in morning mist and dew forms, allowing delicious new buds to grow.
Ureshino tea is known for its unique, round, magatama-like shape.
It is nicknamed "Guricha".

TEA ceremony


Image: Kitano Tea Garden Shuichi Kitano

Kitano tea garden
Shuichi Kitano

Image: Tanaka Tea Factory Hiroshi Tanaka

Tanaka tea factory
Hiroshi Tanaka

At Ureshino Yasohachi, we hold tea ceremonies conducted by our exclusive tea master.
From the culture and history of Ureshino tea to how to brew and taste tea, and how to choose sweets.
Don't miss the experience of enjoying the most delicious Ureshino tea.

Image: Experience the deliciousness of “Ureshino tea”